Poster & Leaflet Distributor

Postie leafleter


Project Overview
We create numerous flyers and posters that need to be distributed in the local area. Some advertise the Re-Useful Centre, some promote our volunteering opportunities and others flag up events that we have organised. We need people who are happy to distribute our flyers to local shops, offices, community centres and other venues.

Volunteer tasks

  • Collecting promotional material from the Action 21 office
  • Distributing posters and flyers in community locations
  • Whilst out and about, being an advocate for Action 21.

Skills/previous experience sought

  • Able to ride a bicycle (if you haven’t got a bicycle we will find one at the Bicycle Workshop that you can either borrow or buy at a discount)
  • Confidence to approach shopkeepers, receptionists and other relevant individuals to ask if they would display our posters in their venue/shop
  • Able to work independently.

Minimum age: 18

Benefits of the role

  • Support is provided
  • A reference is provided on request, on satisfactory performance in role
  • We believe that volunteers should not be out of pocket for donating their time and effort and so we make a contribution to volunteers’ travel expenses
  • Tea, coffee, soup and biscuits are available at the Re-Useful Centre.

Times needed:

  • Monday –Sunday
  • 1-2 hours a fortnight, any day Mon-Sat. Posters will need to be collected Mon-Fri.


  • The Re-Useful Centre

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