The Blog Is Back: An Overdue Update!

A very, very long time ago a blog post was written outlining an impending relocation of the Re-Useful Centre, from Ramsey Road to its current location on Court Street. On Sunday 21st December 2014, final goodbyes were made and the doors of the old centre were shut for the last time. Under a still shaky economic climate and with a significant relocation being made, the future of the Re-Useful Centre was uncertain. However, I am pleased to be telling you in this post that the move has been a resounding success; and with this success has come an opportunity for the Action 21 to expand its operational activities with the aim of further benefiting the local community and environment.

A Furniture Restoration Project Manager is required to run a furniture restoration workshop at a new premises. This is a salaried position (£17,850 per annum) and the undertaker of the role will be responsible for overseeing all areas of the new workshop, including managing a dedicated team of volunteers.

Furniture upcycling helps to not only prevent landfill, but also indirectly results in lower CO2 emissions. Furniture upcycling means less new furniture needs to be produced, meaning less trees are cut down and less emissions are produced from the subsequent reduced manufacturing and transportation. Upcycling contributes to the eradication of the idea of waste.

Contributing to environmental sustainability in such a way is more important than ever at a time when the environment has never been so significantly impacted by human activity. In May of this year a report by the Arctic Council predicted that the last piece of summer sea-ice in the Arctic is expected to melt away in just 23 years, three decades earlier than previously expected.

Given that the environment is currently in a persistently deteriorating condition, we must do what we can to prevent further damage. Come down and support the Re-Useful centre by either volunteering or purchasing items, which helps  fund projects aiming to support the local community and environment. We are currently inundated with stock thanks to your generosity; and as a result, anyone willing to purchase a large item of furniture and collect it themselves can do so at HALF PRICE.


By Arjun Sahota (Action 21 Volunteer)