Meet Our Newest Member of Staff!

Image of David Alexander, Action 21 Bicycle Workshop Coordinator

David Alexander, Action 21 Bicycle Workshop Coordinator

After a very successful recruitment drive, we’re excited to welcome Action 21’s newest member of staff! Our income is up sufficiently to be able to employ a Bicycle Workshop Coordinator three days a week. Having a dedicated member of staff will enable us to develop the Bike Workshop project further, increase the quality and quantity of bikes we renovate and expand the training and learning opportunities. As well as this it will help us to boost overall income, which in turn will help to secure Action 21’s future.


In this capacity, we’re very happy to introduce David Alexander! David is really excited about seeing the bikes reused, although his passion extends to other kinds of bikes as he has been racing motorcycles for twenty-five years, including ten years at international level. If that wasn’t accomplishment enough, he is also a keen bass player and an enthusiastic surfer. All of us at Action 21 would like to welcome David to the team and wish him well in his new role.


The Bike Workshop has predominantly been volunteer-led since February 2011, when Action 21 experienced the change in structure upon losing the Princes Drive tender. In fact, it probably would not have continued had it not been for key volunteers who took on extra roles and responsibilities such as checking and signing off bikes and helping to train new volunteers. We are indebted to all the volunteers who have been involved in the Bike Workshop and helped keep it afloat during this period.


If David’s appointment has inspired you, remember that we’re always looking for new volunteers to join our team including in the bike workshop. And if you’d rather be buying bikes than rebuilding them, prices for adult bikes start from £40 and children’s from £15.


By Action 21 volunteer Grace Organ