Dismantler & Materials Separator

Dismantler Materials Separator


Project Overview
Action 21’s Re-Useful Centre accepts and sells donated goods to reduce the number of useful items going to landfill and to raise money for sustainability projects in the local community.  If a donated item is of insufficient quality to sell, we break it down into parts to either recycle or sell in the Re-Useful Centre.

Volunteer tasks

  • Helping to break down poor quality donations into their constituent parts, such as metal, wood and plastic
  • Sorting recycling ready for removal from the Re-Useful Centre
  • Sawing wood for sale as fire wood.

Skills/previous experience sought

  • Ability to use tools safely, such as saws, hammers, electric drill and angle grinder
  • Happy to work outside under cover
  • Able to follow procedure
  • Able to use initiative
  • Can work as part of a team.

Benefits of the role

  • Excellent work experience, especially for people pursuing a career in manual trades and the environmental field
  • Training and support is provided
  • A reference is provided on request, on satisfactory performance in role
  • We believe that volunteers should not be out of pocket for donating their time and effort and so we make a contribution to volunteers’ travel expenses
  • Tea, coffee, soup and biscuits are available
  • You’ll be part of the great team of Action 21 volunteers who volunteer at the Charity’s Re-Useful Centre.

Times needed:

  • Mon –Sun
  • Volunteers usually commit to a minimum of one shift (9.30am-1pm, 1-4pm) but please speak to us about your circumstances are there is some flexibility.


  • The Re-Useful Centre

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