Martin Smith, General Manager
Martin has responsibility for overseeing all the activities of Action 21. He is based at the Re-Useful Centre.


Ashley Hopkins and Daryl Davies, Re-Useful Shop Managers
Ashley Hopkins and Dayl Davies run the Re-Useful Centre shop and oversee activities such as the PAT workshop and online sales area. Between them they manage a large team of volunteers who help with all aspects of running The Re-Useful Centre.
Martin Lythell, Bicycle Workshop Manager
Martin is a volunteer and has responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the mechanical repair and renovation activities in the bicycle workshop.
Jane Gregg, Emporium Shop Manager
Jane has responsibility for running Emporium and overseeing the activities of the volunteers in Emporium.
Michael Wilson, Furniture Restoration Workshop Manager
Michael has responsibility for overseeing the up-cycling and renovation activities of the volunteers in the woodworking workshop.