Action 21 was started as a social enterprise in 1996 in response to Agenda 21 of the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. Action 21, along with many other Agenda 21 groups across the country, was set up by members of the Leamington and Warwick community to put sustainable development into practice, working specifically at a local level.


Volunteers organised projects to promote sustainability in the areas of food, energy, education, transport and recycling.  To this day, our work is still focused around these five key areas.

In August 2010 Action 21 became a charity, governed by a board of trustees who carry out their role on a voluntary basis.

Prior to 2012 funding came from statutory funds, charitable trusts and membership fees in addition to self-generated income. Since 2012 Action 21 has operated without relying on external funding and raises revenue from the sale of donated goods at The Re-Useful Centre.  The income generated by The Re-Useful Centre funds the organisation and our numerous projects.